Canelobre Caves, Busot

The beautiful Canelobre Caves lie in the small town of Busot, around 24 km from Alicante. This ancient cave system is believed to be the deepest and also longest in the whole of Spain.

The entrance to the cave is some 700 metres high up on the Cabezón de Oro (Big Golden Head) mountain.

cuevas de canelobre, busot

This mountain is also a popular location for Hiking and Rock Climbing in the Alicante region.

Formed several million years ago, Canelobre Caves are famous for it’s Cathedral vault. This vault measures 70 metres in height.

Canelobre Caves, Busot, Alicante

The caves themselves for the most part are a forever changing wonder of the natural world. Upon entry, the caves open up into a spectacular underground cavern. The cavern is where minerals have been deposited to resemble “Candelabras”. And thus where the caves name originates.

Canelobre Caves

Canelobre Caves Lighting and Guided Tours

The natural appearance of the caves is enhanced using an intricate lighting system. This lighting system and natural acoustics also add to the Cathedral-like atmosphere.

The caves often play host to musical events and concerts. Thanks to the high altitude and excellent acoustics. You will also encounter the stage used for concerts upon your visit.

There are many guided tours throughout the day as the tour guides take you on a 40 minute walk through the caves. These tours also provide you with useful information as you proceed. There are usually English speaking guides in attendance. The guides will explain the history and also the general layout of the caves.

Opening Times and Ticket Prices

Canelobre Caves has a winter and also a summer timetable. The summer timetable only extends from the 1st July – 31st August.

In the winter months you can usually visit between 10:30am – 5pm. Below is the full timetable for both the summer and winter months

Winter Visiting Times

1st September – 30th June

  • Monday – Closed.
  • Tuesday – Friday – 10:30am. – 16:50pm.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays – 10:30am. – 17:50pm.

Summer Visiting Times

1st July – 31st August and Semana Santa

  • Weekdays –  10:30am. – 19:30pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday after Easter open until 15.00pm.
  • Closed for San Vicente (Monday after Easter Sunday), 25th December and also 1st January.

Tickets are prices at 7 € for adults, 4.50 € for pensioners and 3.50 € for children and those with disabilities. Children under 5 years old are admitted for free. There is also limited parking which is free and a picnic area to have a spot of lunch during your visit..

For more information, you can call the information line on +34 965 69 92 50 or visit the Busot Tourism Website.

Canelobre Caves Video

This video captures the journey coupled with actual footage from inside the caves.

Entrance to the Caves

The mountain is where you will find the entrances to the caves.

Mountain Cave Entrance

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Live Cave Concerts

With the amazing acoustics generated from within the cave walls, live concerts are particularly popular here.