The Alhambra Palace of Granada, Andalucia

The Alhambra is a vast fortress and palace complex located in the Spanish city of Granada. Often referred to as a fortified city in its own right. This Palace covers a large enough area to be a city. The Alhambra stands out among medieval palaces for its intricate planning. This structure has complex decor with many charming gardens and courtyards.

andalucia alhambra

The name of the palace comes from the Arabic, Qal’at al-Hambra (Red Fort). Many additions and repairs have been made over the years. Constructed between 1232-1492 by the Nasrid Dynasty, the last Muslims to rule southern Spain.

The Alhambra still remains an important pilgrimage for Muslims worldwide. In peak season the palace and gardens receive up to 6,000 visitors daily. This link will take you to the official website. A great resource which offers a virtual tour and information about tickets prices. You can also check out the video on this page.

The Alhambra Palace Architecture

To appreciate the awe inspiring architecture and intricate artwork and detail found here. It’s best to visit during the quieter winter months. A great attraction for those interested in architecture, art, literature and religion. It’s quite possible to spend months visiting the Alhambra. The palace’s water system alone is a feat of engineering.

Alhambra Gardens & Courtyards

Alambra Palace of Granada

The Muslims, like most viewed water as a practical necessity. They also tried to create beautiful ornamentation and sound. Throughout its various palaces, gardens, courtyards and rooms. There are many intricate networks of water channels. These were used to irrigate the gardens, supply the various baths and wash houses. These channels were also to create stunning fountains and water features.

The main structures within the Alhambra Palace include the Royal Complex. The Hall of the Ambassadors, Court of Lions and Fountain of Lions. We also have the Hall of the Abencerrajes and the lovely Generalife Gardens.

These were constructed outside the palace walls. They consist of a collection of beautiful gardens with their very own palace. They also served as a retreat for the past rulers of Granada during the stifling summer months.

Alhambra Promo Video

The video below will take you on a tour of the Alhambra which includes the gardens and courtyards.