Benidorm Weather March 2021, What’s It Like Now?

The weather in Benidorm in March is among the best to be had on the Spanish mainland. Visitors here during this month will enjoy mild temperatures on average and plenty of sunshine. The end of March and first full spring month April see the return of the warmer weather and temperatures rising.

This popular city on the Costa Blanca has an excellent micro-climate. The temperature along the eastern coastline tends to be better than many other areas. The various mountain ranges help to preserve the warm climate you can expect here for most of the year.

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El Tiempo en Benidorm en Marzo

Benidorm Weather in March

The temperature in Benidorm in March can hit as high as 19 Celsius. This is especially true at the end of the month as we enter spring. The beginning and middle of the month will yield an average temperature of 14 Celsius. The low during March can see the temperature fall to a chilly 7 Celsius. This will seem quite cold if you live in Benidorm or the sunny Costa Blanca all year but not so bad if you visit from further north.

With most of the winter now behind the temperature will increase until the end of August. You may well see a few days towards the end of the month which are warm enough for the beach. With the temperature increasing each month the beaches will see more activity.

Running alongside the beautiful beaches here is a promenade which tends to be busy most of the year. This is where most will head for the popular bars and restaurants and the odd beach day.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in Benidorm in March is a chilly 15 Celsius. This is the yearly low which March shares with January and February. This will seem quite cold for most to consider going for a swim. Those who are from much colder climates may brave the temperature but most will not. This is a great resource if you want to know the current temperatures of the sea or for future months.

Playa de Levante, Benidorm

The sea will continue to warm through the months of April until August and peak at 25 Celsius. The temperature will then drop each month before arriving at it’s yearly low again at the start of the year.


March on average in Benidorm usually yields 6 or 7 days of rainfall. More rain arrives during March than any of the winter months. Although there are quite a few rainy days, the precipitation is not as much as one would expect. Other months see far fewer days of rain but much higher precipitation levels.

More Weather in Benidorm

Benidorm Weather in March

  • This month sees an average outdoor temperature of 15 Celsius during.
  • The ocean temperature is still on the cold side at 15 Celsius.
  • March sees 7 hours of typical sunshine per day.
  • There are an average of 6 – 7 days rainfall during March.
  • The daily high temperature now peaks at 19 Celsius.
  • This month sees a daily low of 7 Celsius.

Super Attractions
Benidorm has many attractions in around the main city but there are some hidden gems also. One of the best days out is a visit to Algar Waterfalls which is only 15 kilometres from the city centre. You could also pair your day out with a trip to Guadalest for more natural beauty.

Hours of Sunshine
The hours of sunshine in March are usually 7 hours for most of the month. This then increases with the arrival of spring. Each month will see an increase in the number of hours of sunshine until July. July sees on average 12 hours of sunshine per day before the hours decrease again each month. It’s worth mentioning that Levante beach is south facing and will see a touch more sunshine hours.