Weather in Benidorm 2019/2020 With Monthly Averages

The weather in Benidorm is among the most desirable on the Costa Blanca. Add the amazing nightlife and Mediterranean Sea then you have the ideal location. With the glorious weather and infinite things to do it’s no wonder tourists flock here.

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tiempo en Benidorm, Spain

Weather In Benidorm, Monthly Temperatures

Benidorm is located in the Alicante Province on the south eastern Mediterranean coastline. This city is home to well over 70,000 permanent inhabitants. Tourism has had a major influence in this popular City. The vibrant nightlife and the super climate are major factors in it’s continued success..

Weather in Benidorm in September, October & November 2019

The weather in Benidorm in the autumn months is generally still hot for the most part. This is especially true for September and October. The evenings begin to feel cooler but the days are generally very warm.


September sees the end  of summer as we begin the month but the hot weather will not be ending for a while. The weather in Benidorm in September is generally like August. The average temperature during the day is between 24 – 25 Celsius.

Many days in September will remain over 30 Celsius. The evening temperature is dropping to around 18 – 20 Celsius. There will be around 5 days of rainfall during this month.


October sees the temperatures beginning to drop as we reach the midway point of autumn. This is still a warm month with average temperatures of between 20 – 22 Celsius.

The evenings are beginning to feel much cooler as temperature drops to around 14 Celsius. The weather in Benidorm in October can be unpredictable with regards to rainfall. On average there are 4 days of rain during the month but expect the rain to be significant when it arrives.


November is like October with average temperatures being a touch lower. This month still has plenty of warm days but the average temperature will be between 15 – 16 Celsius. There is less precipitation around but you can still expect to see around 4 days of rain per month.

Weather in Benidorm in December, January & February

Benidorm Weather in Winter

The winter weather in Benidorm sees temperatures dropping again as one may expect. Much of winter is still mild with temperatures rarely dropping below 11 – 12 Celsius. Benidorm is well known for some spectacular lightning storms during the winter months. You can see an image on this page of a recent lightning storm. Below we give you a monthly breakdown of the cooler winter months in Benidorm.

Benidorm Weather Averages

The graphic below contains Benidorm weather averages such as monthly temperature and rainfall. You can also get an idea of the hours of sunshine and some other useful tips. Please click image to enlarge it.

Benidorm Weather Averages

Gota Fria

The eastern coastline can experience the weather phenomenon known as a Gota Fria. This does no happen every year but often occurs around Benidorm. The cold air from the north and west meets the hot eastern air. The result can be hurricane strength winds, heavy rain and hail. This will usually be in October and can yield a years rainfall in a few days.

More Benidorm Weather


December is the start of the winter with temperatures dropping to between 13 – 14 Celsius. The temperature at night will seem quite cold if you live there all year round. You can expect the evening temperature to drop to around 9 Celsius. December sees around 5 days of rainfall on average but expect to see a few storms on occasion.


January is the middle of winter and the coldest month in most of Spain. Benidorm is no exception. January sees the temperature drop to around 11 Celsius on average. The average night time temperature will now be around 7 Celsius. January also sees a lot more rainfall than the other months. The precipitation levels are high so expect to see plenty of rainfall on at least 6 days of this month.


February sees the conclusion of winter as the temperature begins to increase again. The monthly average temperature for February is between 12 -13 Celsius during the day. a This drops to around 8 Celsius at night. February sees about half of the rainfall of January. It’s normal to expect around 3 or 4 days of rain during this month.

Weather In Benidorm in March, April & May

tiempo en Benidorm, March

The weather in spring can seem chilly during March as the temperature increases. There is still plenty of rainfall around in early spring but April is when things begin to warm up. May is almost like a summer month in comparison..

Benidorm Sea Temperatures

The image below gives a rough indication of the Sea temperatures in Benidorm in each month. Please click this image to view full size.

benidorm sea temperatures


March sees the arrival of spring as the temperature increases 14 Celsius during the day. The night time temperature is also increasing as the month progresses. Read full article for March here. The temperature average at night is between 10 – 12 Celsius. The level of rainfall is almost the same as February. You can expect around 4 days of rain during this month.


April sees temperature climbing again. The daily temperature will now be between 15 – 16 Celsius on most days. Unlike many other areas of the Costa Blanca, April sees less precipitation than May. It’s normal to expect around 4 days rain during this month. The night time temperature is now increasing to 12 – 13 Celsius.


May sees the start of the tourist season. The temperature is already averaging between 18 – 20 Celsius. There can be quite a bit of rainfall early in this month. As May progresses, the temperature is likely to hit the late twenties. It’s usual to have days in the early thirties towards the end of the month. During the night, the temperature averages around 14 Celsius.

Weather in Benidorm in June, July & August

Benidorm Tiempo en Verano

Benidorm enjoys similar summer weather and temperatures to most of the Costa Blanca. The norm here is mild winters and hot summers. The hotter months of summer start from May and continue through to September. The temperature then begins to cool. Below we provide information about the weather in Benidorm during the summer months.

Benidorm Weather Facts

  • The hottest month in Benidorm is August with an average temperature of 26 Celsius.
  • January is the coldest month with a daily average temperature of 11 Celsius.
  • October sees the most precipitation although other months have more days of rain.
  • December and January see the most days of rainfall. There will likely be at least 10 rainy days.
  • The Sea is at it’s hottest temperature of 25 Celsius in August.
  • The Sea is at it’s coldest temperature of 15 Celsius between January and March.


June is the beginning of summer with the average temperature now between 22 – 23 Celsius. We are now approaching the tourist high season so expect to find the beaches full most of the month. The temperature exceeds 30 Celsius throughout this month. The temperature during the evening is a comfortable 16 – 18 Celsius.


July can get very hot with average temperatures being 24 – 25 Celsius. The middle of July is the middle of summer and the height of the tourist season. Expect to find the beaches full and the temperature reaching the late thirties. The chances of regular rain in July is about zero. On average there has only been 1 day of rain in July over the last 15 years.


August is the hottest month in Benidorm like most of Spain. The average temperature is now around 26 Celsius. This average is quite conservative. More often than not you can expect this to rise above 32 Celsius. The temperature during the night will be around 22 – 25 Celsius. You will need some type of air conditioning or fan to keep you cool in August.