Weather in Costa Blanca, Average Temperatures

The super weather in Costa Blanca is among the best of all the Spanish Costas. The Mediterranean Sea and 200 km’s of white sandy beaches are two more great reasons to come here. The climate for this stretch of Spanish coastline is excellent all year round.

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Costa Blanca Weather, Forecast & Averages

The Costa Blanca has an average yearly temperature of 19 Celsius and up to 325 days of sun per year. The weather and micro-climate here makes this one of the top coastal areas of mainland Spain.

Some of areas to the north of the Costa Blanca are more mountainous where the temperature is much cooler. The southern areas tend to be hotter in the summer and milder in the winter.

Costa Blanca Weather in September, October & November


September is when the tourist season and the summer is ending. The hot weather will still be around for a good while yet. There are a lot more days of rainfall in September. The temperature will still exceed 30 Celsius on plenty of days. This is especially true at the beginning of the month. The temperature can still approach 40 Celsius on occasion.


October is generally hot for most of the month. The average temperature will remain above 20 Celsius. The weather in Costa Blanca in October can still exceed 30 Celsius on occasion. There are more days of rainfall in October than most months. The precipitation level also rockets up.

Many parts of the Costa Blanca will see double the amount of precipitation of other months. The weather front known as a Gota Fria (Cold Drop) is common here in October. A Gota Fria can deliver close to a years worth of rainfall in a few days.

This does not occur every year but can be devastating when it arrives. The cold air from the west and the north meets the warm air of the eastern coast. The result can be hurricane force winds, heavy rainfall and large hail stones.


November sees the temperature dropping again and the evenings will seem much colder. There are around 6 days of rainfall in November. The average temperature will drop to 14 – 15 Celsius. The night time temperature will seem particularly cold now. Most of the homes in this part of Spain and built to remain cool. It’s a good idea to invest in a gas fire or hot air conditioning to keep you warm. in December, January & February.

The winter weather in Costa Blanca is generally mild. The daytime temperature rarely drops much below 9 Celsius. There is a lot more rainfall through spring leading into the winter months. It’s common for the warm temperatures to remain until Christmas. The evenings will seem much colder as the daytime temperatures begin to drop.

Costa Blanca Weather in December, January & February


December is the beginning of the winter months on the Costa Blanca. The temperature will seem particularly cold if you live there all year round. December is one of the colder months with the average temperature of 12 Celsius.

There are generally around 5 days of rainfall in December. Less than November but the temperature will seem much cooler.


January is the coldest month on the Costa Blanca. The average temperature during the day will be around 10 Celsius. This month along with December yields more rainy days than other months. It’s common to expect more than 10 rainy days.

January is the middle winter month when temperatures are at their lowest on the Costa Blanca.


February is the last of the winter months. The average temperature now increases to 12 Celsius. The evenings will start to get warmer close to the end of the month. There are usually much fewer days of rainfall during the month.

Costa Blanca Weather in March, April & May


March is the beginning of spring on the Costa Blanca. The average temperature will now increase to around 14 Celsius. The evenings are also beginning to fell much warmer now. You will not need to rely of heating as much as the previous colder months. On average there are around four days of rainfall in March.


April sees the average temperature creeping up to around 18 Celsius. The evening temperature will also be much warmer. This is in preparation for the summer months. April will see four or five days worth of rainfall but the precipitation level can be high.


May is the beginning of the tourist season with an average temperature of around 20 Celsius. There are still plenty of days of rainfall at the beginning of the month. The rainy days will become fewer towards the end of the month.

The temperature will often be over 20 Celsius. It’s normal to expect plenty of days closer to 30 Celsius towards the end of May.

Costa Blanca Weather in June, July & August

The summer weather in Costa Blanca is generally very hot. This can yield temperatures of over 40 Celsius. This is especially true during the hotter months of June, July and August. The temperature during these months. This is also the case for most of September before the temperature begins to cool.


June is the beginning of the summer months and also the start of the tourist high season. The average temperature will now be around 25 Celsius. There are only two days of rainfall on average in June.

The temperature towards the end of the month can approach and exceed 35 Celsius. As the temperature increases throughout June, the evenings will be much warmer.


July is the start of the tourism high season when most choose to pay a visit. The average temperature on the Costa Blanca will be approaching 30 Celsius. There is unlikely to be any rainfall at all during this month. The temperature will be closer to 40 Celsius towards the end of the month. It’s common to expect several days over 40 Celsius in July and the evenings will be hot also.

July would be a good time to invest in some type of fan or air conditioning. Sleeping will be uncomfortable as temperatures can approach 30 Celsius at night.


August is a touch hotter than July on average. There is no rainfall during the month. The average temperature for August is around 30 Celsius. Many of the days will be closer to and exceed 40 Celsius.

The evening temperature will seem very uncomfortable as you turn in for the night. Sleeping with be particularly difficult if you have not invested in some type of air conditioning.

Costa Blanca Weather Averages

You can enlarge the image below for a full size graphic of the weather in Costa Blanca. This image displays average temperatures, hours of sun and typical rainy days.

Costa Blanca Weather Averages

Costa Blanca Sea Temperatures

This image gives an idea of the Sea temperatures along the Costa Blanca. (click for larger image).

Costa Blanca Sea Temperatures

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