Caleta de Fuste (Costa Caleta) Tourist Resort

Caleta de Fuste is a custom built tourist resort on the eastern coast of Fuerteventura. This resort is also known as El Castillo and Costa Caleta. Caleta de Fuste enjoys fantastic weather all year round. The temperature here rarely drops below 17 Celsius during the colder winter months. Caleta is another of the top resorts on the island of Fuerteventura

Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste Resort, Fuerteventura

This part of the island has many beaches which are popular for diving, windsurfing. Sailing is also top pastime when visiting this lovely location. The nightlife here is quite vibrant in comparison to many parts of the island. Here you will find a good choice of bars, cafes, restaurants and plenty of shops. Two of the best golf courses on the island are close to this resort. The first Golf course on the island is close by.

Things to do in Caleta de Fuste

Some of the best things to do in Caleta de Fuste include paying a visit to one of the excellent beaches found here. You can also sample the many water activities on offer. The Centro Commercial Atlantico is an adequate place to do some shopping. There are quite a few restaurants in this centre for some lunch or an evening meal.

Caleta de Fuste Beach

Caleta de Fuste Playa

Caleta de Fuste Beach is a horseshoe shaped cove with imported sand which is ideal for all the family. The sand although imported is not so different from any other beach. The tide does tend to come in quicker here than on other beaches. This beach is popular with for diving and water sports. Sailing and boat tours are usually available here also.

Caleta de Fuste Map

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Mapa de Caleta de Fuste