Weather in Fuerteventura in March 2020

The weather in Fuerteventura in March is a shade cooler than some of the other Canary Islands. This month generally yields an average temperature of 18 Celsius.

This is still nice and warm if you are heading to this island for some winter sun. The end of March sees the arrival of spring when the temperature begins to increase more. Fuerteventura is quite close to the Sahara which can often make things warmer here. It’s also the northernmost of the seven islands which can be quite chilly around this time.

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Weather in Fuerteventura in March

The weather in Fuerteventura in March sees a daily high of 22 Celsius. This can depend on the direction of the wind on windy days. An eastern breeze from the Sahara Desert will often raise the temperature a shade. Usually a breeze coming from the north will cool this island more. The daily low here is 16 Celsius, it’s unlikely to get much cooler even at night.

The start of the month will see an average temperature of 18 Celsius. Towards the end of the month this will increase to 19 Celsius. As spring arrives, the temperature improves each month before peaking in summer.

Sea Temperature

The temperature of the ocean in Fuerteventura during March remains a chilly 18 Celsius. March and February see the sea at it’s coldest yearly level. This may be on the cold side to go for a swim but the windsurfers will be out in force.


Due to the windy conditions, Fuerteventura happens to be a top location for windsurfing and other water sports. You can expect plenty of activity on the beaches during windy times of the year. The sea will begin to warm towards the end of the month with the arrival of spring.

Fuerteventura in March

  • The average daily temperature is 18 Celsius
  • The Sea temperature is 18 Celsius
  • There are 8 hours of sunshine
  • Average of 2 – 3 days of rainfall
  • Daily high of 22 Celsius
  • Daily low of 16 Celsius
  • This island is warmer with an eastern breeze and colder with a northern breeze

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Hours of Sunshine

Fuerteventura sees an average of 8 hours sunshine during March. The hours of sun increases from 7 in February. This will remain the case during March and April. The hours tend to increase to 9 during May. June and July will see a further increase to the yearly high of 10 hours.

Rainfall in March

March usually sees between 2 – 3 days of rainfall during this month. The days of rain are now on the decline after the wetter winter months. This will continue to be the case until the end of summer when more rain will arrive again. Most of the rainfall in March will come before the arrival of spring. The rain is not likely to inundate anything and will only be a few heavy showers.