Weather in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Monthly Temperatures

The weather in Maspalomas is super no matter what time of year you visit. Millions flock to the beautiful island of Gran Canaria each year to soak up the sun. With an average yearly temperature of 19 Celsius, you’re always guaranteed sunshine.

Maspalomas is one of the top resorts in Gran Canaria and not only for the climate. This beautiful resort boasts many of the top attractions on the island. The super Palmitos Park, Aqualand and the beaches and sand dunes are excellent days out.

You can skip our introduction below and use the quick links to find out about the weather for each month.

Weather in Maspalomas, What to Expect

El Tiempo en Maspalomas

The Maspalomas weather yields hot summer and mild winters. It rarely gets cold here thanks to the sub-tropical climate of the Canary Islands. The winter months are like spring in most of the warmer countries of northern Europe.

The summer months in Maspalomas see an average temperature of 22 – 23 Celsius. The temperature during the winter months is 18 Celsius and does not fall much lower. Winter and autumn is when most head here to sock up the warm temperatures on offer.

January and February tend to be the coldest months here with an average temperature of 17 Celsius. August and September see a year high temperature of 24 Celsius.

Rainfall in Maspalomas

Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria

Much of the rainfall in Maspalomas tends to arrive between November to February. The winter months are the wettest with December seeing more rain than any other month. The rain decreases each month from January and increases again in September.

The hotter summer months will only see the odd day of rain, two at the most. The wetter winter months can see up to 10 days of rain. Spring and autumn is less than half of what the winter months see.

Maspalomas Sea Temperature

maspalomas dunas

The Sea Temperature around Maspalomas will be at it’s coldest level at the start of the year. Between the months of January to April the sea temperature will be 19 Celsius. The sea will then begin to warm from May and peak at 23 Celsius in September and October. In November the sea begins to cool and again in December before beginning the year at it’s coldest level. You can check here for the current sea temperature in the capital Las Palmas.

Maspalomas Weather Facts

Below are some facts about the weather in Maspalomas which includes the main highlights.

  • The average daily temperature is 19 Celsius
  • Yearly average sea temperature of 20 Celsius
  • December is the wettest month of the year with up to 10 days of rain
  • August is the driest month with 0 days of rain
  • The hottest months of the year are September and August with a year high of 24 Celsius
  • The coldest months of the year are January and February when the temperature falls to 17 Celsius

Maspalomas Weather Averages

The image below shows the weather temperature averages in Maspalomas during each month. Please click image to enlarge.

Weather in Maspalomas

Hours of Sunshine

The hours of sunshine in Maspalomas reach their lowest level of 6 hours per day in January. February, November and December will all see 7 hours of sun each day. March, May and October have 8 hours with June and September seeing 9. You can expect to see 11 hours of sun during July and August and the height of summer. The hours then drop each month before arriving at the year low in January.

Weather in January

January is the coldest time to pay a visit to Maspalomas as this is the height of winter. The average daily temperature now falls to 17 Celsius. The high temperature is 21 Celsius with a low of 15 Celsius. The sea is also at it’s lowest yearly temperature of 19 Celsius. January, like all winter months tends to be quite wet, only December sees more rainfall. On average there will be 7-8 days worth of rain during the month. The hours of sunshine will be at the year low of 6 hours per day.

Weather in February

February of almost identical to January with regards to the weather conditions. The average temperature throughout the month is also 17 Celsius. It does tend to be warmer towards the end of the month with spring around the corner. The daily high is 21 Celsius with a low of 15 Celsius and the sea will remain at 19 Celsius. There will usually be less rainfall in February with some 6 rainy days. The hours of sun will increase to 7 towards the end of the month.

Weather in March

The weather in Maspalomas in March sees quite an improvement from the winter months. The average daily temperature now increases to 18 Celsius. March will yield a daily high of 22 Celsius and a low of 16 Celsius. One big difference from winter is the amount of rainfall which will be half that of winter. The temperature of the sea remains at 19 Celsius with the hours of sunshine increasing to 8 hours.

Weather in April

April is another popular month to visit Maspalomas and the weather improves again. The daily average temperature during April increases to 19 Celsius. April will see a daily high temperature of 23 Celsius and a low of 16 Celsius. The amount of rainfall again reduces from that of March with some 4 rainy days on average. The sea temperature remains at 19 Celsius and the hours of sunshine will stay at 8 hours.

Weather in May

The weather in May improves again as we enter the last of the spring months. The average temperature during the day now increases to 19 Celsius. May also sees an increase in the daily high to 24 Celsius with a low of 18 Celsius. The sea temperature also improves to a warm 20 Celsius, perfect for a swim. Rainfall is now becoming more scarce, there is usually only 2-3 days of rain now. The hours of sunshine also increase to 9 hours from the 8 we had in April.

Weather in June

The weather in June is excellent as we enter the first of the summer months. The average outside temperature again increases to 21 Celsius. The high temperature of 26 Celsius is hot for anywhere with a low of a warm 19 Celsius. There are further increases for the sea temperature and hours of sunshine. The hours of sun go up to 10 hours with the sea now a warm 21 Celsius.. There is hardly any rainfall in June, it’s unlikely to rain for more than a day or two.

Weather in September

September can be as hot as August in Maspalomas even though this is an autumn month. The average daily temperature now is a hot 23 Celsius. September can see highs of up to 28 Celsius with lows of around 21 Celsius. The sea is now at it’s highest yearly temperature of 23 Celsius. There was hardly any rainfall over the summer months but September will see 2-3 days of rain. The hours of sunshine will now begin to decrease to 9 hours on average this month.

Weather in October

October is another hot month here but a shade cooler than September. The average daily temperature now drops to 22 Celsius throughout this month. October will usually see a high temperature of 26 Celsius and a low of 20 Celsius. The temperature of the sea remains at it’s year high of 23 Celsius if you plan on visiting now. This month sees a steep increase in rainy days with around 6 days of rain on average. The hours of sunshine you can expect will now decrease to 8 hours.