Weather in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote 2020

The weather in Costa Teguise is among the best to be had in the Canary Islands with warm summers and mild winters. The Western Sahara keeps the eastern coastline of Lanzarote warm most of the year. This warm air from the desert can reduce the visibility a lot at times.

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The Costa Teguise is one of the leading resorts on the eastern coast of Lanzarote. Arrecife airport is less than 10 km’s to the south of this super destination. This makes this part of the island ideal for tourists who prefer not to drive.

Weather in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

The average yearly temperature is around 20 Celsius. The temperature rarely falls much below 17 Celsius. The hotter summer months have an average temperature of 23 Celsius. This can rocket up to close to 40 Celsius during July and August.

The weather in Costa Teguise is at it’s hottest during August. This month yields an average temperature of 25 Celsius. This will likely exceed 30 Celsius for most days during the month. June and July usually see an average temperature of 22 – 23 Celsius. September is also a hot month with an average of 24 Celsius. October, November and December sees the temperature fall each month.

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January and February are the coldest months when the temperature is an average of 17 Celsius. December and March are a touch warmer with an average of 18 Celsius. From April the temperature will increase each month before peaking again in August.

Monthly Rainfall in Costa Teguise

Most of the yearly rainfall tends to arrive between November – February. A good percentage arrives in the rainiest month of December. The wettest month of December delivers well over double the rainfall of any other month.

The winter and spring months between January – April also see plenty of rain. May sees the precipitation decreasing. The hotter months of June, July and August will have very little rain if any. September sees the amount of rainfall and rainy days increasing again.

Average Sea Temperature

The average Sea temperature is between 18-22 Celsius. February and March is when the sea reaches it’s coldest temperature of 18 Celsius. The sea is at it’s warmest temperature of 22 Celsius between the months of August – October. You can check here for the current sea temperature in Costa Teguise. This also provides future sea reports.

Hours of Sunshine

The hours of sunshine in Costa Teguise are at their fewest between November – January. There are only 6 hours of sun during these months.

February sees the hours of sun increase to 7 hours, they then increase until peaking in summer. July and August both see 11 hours of sunshine per day.

Monthly Average Temperature

The image below shows the monthly average temperatures in Costa Teguise. You can click this image for full size.

Costa Teguise Temperatures

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Weather in Costa Teguise Facts

Below are some facts about the weather in Costa Teguise. This includes temperatures, rainfall and hours of sunshine.

  • The average daily temperature is 20 Celsius
  • January and February are the coldest months with a temperature of 17 Celsius
  • August is the hottest month with a temperature of 25 Celsius
    Average yearly sea temperature is 19.5 Celsius
  • The sea is at it’s coldest in February and March with a temperature of 18 Celsius
  • The sea is at it’s hottest from August until October with an average of 22 Celsius

Weather in Costa Teguise, Best Months to Visit

Weather in March

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The weather in Costa Teguise in March improves a touch from the previous two months. This month sees an average temperature of 18 Celsius. The amount of rainfall decreases to 3 days during this month. The sea temperature remains at 18 Celsius, a year low March shares with February. March will see the hours of sunshine increase to 8 hours.

Weather in April

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April sees the temperature improving again to coincide with the arrival of spring. The average temperature during this month is a warm 20 Celsius. April will see a small increase in the amount of rainfall but not much. The sea temperature will now increase to 19 Celsius. The hours of sunshine each day remain at 8 hours but will increase towards the end of the month.

Weather in May

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The weather in Costa Teguise in May yields an average temperature of 21 Celsius. May is another popular month for tourism here with the weather improving. There is hardly any rainfall in May so you are unlikely to see much. The sea temperature stays at 19 Celsius at the start of the month but increases to 20 Celsius late in the month. May sees the hours of sunshine increase to 9 hours on average.

Weather in June

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June is the first of the summer months which sees the temperature increase again. You can expect a warm average temperature of 23 Celsius during this month. There will be no rainfall for the next two months at least. The sea temperature now increases to a warm 21 Celsius. June will also see the hours of sunshine increase to 10, only July and August see more hours of sun.