Yearly Weather in Gran Canaria 2020/2021

The weather in Gran Canaria is one of the more interesting of the Canary Islands. The average temperature does not fluctuate too much here. Whatever time of year you visit Gran Canaria, you are certain of sun and warm temperatures.

El tiempo en Gran Canaria

Weather in Gran Canaria in September – November

September is the first of the autumn months but the temperature is almost as hot as August. The average temperature during September is 24 Celsius. The sea temperature is now a warm 23 Celsius. September sees a few days of rainfall after three barren months without rain. The amount of precipitation tends to be minimal. The hours of sunshine each day will now drop to 8 hours.

November is the end of autumn when the temperature will again decrease. The average temperature in November is 21 Celsius. Only December will see more rainfall than this month. The historical precipitation for November is about a third more than October. It’s normal for it to rain for around four days.

The hours of sunshine remain at 6 hours and the sea temperature will decrease to 22 Celsius. November has still recorded much higher temperatures in recent years.

Monthly Temperature Chart

Gran Canaria Temperatura

Sea Temperature

The graph below is of the average Sea temperature in Gran Canaria.
Gran Canaria Sea Temperature

Gran Canaria Weather in December & Winter Months

Winter Weather In Gran Canaria

December sees a lot more rainfall than all the other months in Gran Canaria and the hours of sunshine will drop to 6 hours. It will rain for at least five days during this month. The precipitation will be more more than any other month also. The daytime temperature during this month is now 19 Celsius. You can expect many of these days to exceed 20 Celsius and on occasion rise to the mid twenties.

The evenings will now start to feel much cooler and the  sea temperature will also see a drop to 21 Celsius. December is another popular month for tourism. You can expect plenty of activity and some warm sunny days to enjoy.

Other Winter Months

Gran Canaria Climate in Spring

Spring Weather Gran Canaria

March is the start of spring when the temperature begins to increase again. The average temperature for March is 19 Celsius, this increases at the end of the month. Rainfall is becoming more scarce now, it will not rain for more than 2 – 3 days during this month.

April sees another increase in the temperature and a decrease in the amount of rainfall. The average daily temperature during April is now 20 Celsius with many days feeling much warmer.

May is the last month of spring but like September, May could be a summer month. The weather in Gran Canaria in May is warm with an average temperature of 21 Celsius.

Summer Weather in Gran Canaria

June is the start of warmer months in Gran Canaria and the temperature will be increasing. This month can be as hot as 30 Celsius, especially towards the end of the month. The daily average generally is 22 Celsius but many days will be hotter than 25 Celsius. The sea temperature will also see an increase to 21 Celsius. On average there are 9 hours of sunshine each day and it’s very unlikely to rain much at all.

July is one of the hottest months in Gran Canaria but cooler than August and September. The outside temperature during for month is 24 Celsius but many days will feel much hotter. The highest temperature ever recorded in Gran Canaria was in July, 44.2 Celsius. The hours of sunshine one can expect now increases to 10 per day. The temperature will often exceed 30 Celsius.

August is the hottest month in Gran Canaria as it is for most of Spain generally. The average temperature is 24 Celsius. Some days will be hotter than 30 Celsius and perhaps even hotter. There are still 10 hours of sunshine per day and the sea temperature will stay at a warm 22 Celsius. August, like July has no recent rainfall recorded so you are unlikely to have much rain during your visit.