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Benidorm Climate

The text below is an introduction about the climate in Benidorm during summer. This includes the months of June, July and August when Benidorm is at it’s hottest. Below the text you will see detailed articles specific to most the other months of the year. We also have a yearly climate pages that covers the months you do not see on this page.

June, July & August

June is the beginning of summer with the average temperature now between 22 – 23 Celsius. We are now approaching the tourist high season so expect to find the beaches full most of the month. The temperature exceeds 30 Celsius throughout this month. The temperature during the evening is a comfortable 16 – 18 Celsius.

July can get very hot with average temperatures being 24 – 25 Celsius. The middle of July is the middle of summer and the height of the tourist season. Expect to find the beaches full and the temperature reaching the late thirties. The chances of regular rain in July is about zero. On average there has only been 1 day of rain in July over the last 15 years.

August is the hottest month in Benidorm like most of Spain. The average temperature is now around 26 Celsius. This average is quite conservative. More often than not you can expect this to rise above 32 Celsius. The temperature during the night will be around 22 – 25 Celsius. You will need some type of air conditioning or fan to keep you cool in August.