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Below is a short description about the summer climate in Fuerteventura. After this text are dedicated pages about the other months of the year. Looking for the warmest temperatures? Find out which of the Canaries has the best weather depending on the month you visit.

Fuerteventura Summer Climate

June is the start of the summer season in Fuerteventura. The average temperature will now be around 24 Celsius. There is hardly any rainfall in June and a top temperature of 41.6 Celsius has been recorded during this month. You can expect 10 hours of sunshine to enjoy during June. 10 Hours is also the yearly high hours of sun which June shares with July.

July tends to be just as warm as August, particularly the second half of the month. The hottest temperature ever recorded is (43 Celsius). There is no rainfall in July and the average temperature for the month is 25 Celsius. The last two weeks of July are the hottest when the temperature will frequently top 30 Celsius.

August is usually a touch hotter than July over the course of the month. The daily average outdoor temperature during this month now warms to 26 Celsius. This temperature is conservative to say the least. Most of the days will top 30 Celsius during August, particularly on the west coast with the hot Sahara air. August is the last of the summer months when the hours of sunshine will drop to 9 hours.