Fuerteventura Weather May 2024, A Super Time To Visit

The Fuerteventura weather in May improves to coincide with the middle of spring. This is an excellent month to pay a visit and enjoy the many beaches and other super attractions here.

May sees the temperature increase from that of April which was 20 Celsius. The Atlantic also warms to a good level which we will speak about more below. To make things even better, there are hardly any rainy days and the sun shines for longer.

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Fuerteventura Weather April

Fuerteventura Weather in May, How Hot Is It Now?

The weather in Fuerteventura in May is ideal now as the outside temperature increases to 21°C. This popular month sees a high of 24°C with a low of 18°Celsius. The hottest time during May is the final two weeks of the month. It tends to get warmer here closer to summer and June. May in Fuerteventura has a record temperature of a baking 36.8 Celsius. It rarely gets that hot here but it’s worth considering when packing your suitcase.

Atlantic Ocean Temperature

Another improvement during May is the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean. This now increases to 20 Celsius from the 19 Celsius from the previous month. This may be a touch cooler earlier in the month.

Fuerteventura boasts some super resorts such as Corralejo, Costa Calma and Jandia. It’s here where you will find many of the best beaches on the island. Some of these beaches stretch for miles and are popular with surfers and windsurfers. They often host the world championships here.

Fuerteventura Beaches


The Canaries closest to Africa are quite barren for rainfall now. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote get very little rain in May and few rainy days. It usually does not rain for more than a day during this month.

Resort Temperatures For Fuerteventura In May

Caleta de FusteCorralejoCosta Calma/Jandia
Average Temperature21°C20°C20°C
Sea Temp20°C19°C20°C

Fuerteventura in May Weather Stats

  • May sees the outdoor temperature increase to 21 Celsius.
  • The temperature of the sea now warms 20 Celsius.
  • May has 9 hours of sunshine on average each day.
  • There is little rainfall here in May, 1 rainy day at the most./li>
  • The daytime high now is 24 Celsius with a low of 18 Celsius.

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Hours of Sun

May has 9 hours of sunshine each month which is the same as June. July is the only month which has more hours of sun here.