Weather in Ibiza, March – October 2024

The weather in Ibiza is generally better in late spring, summer and autumn. Below we are going to focus on the months that attract the most tourism. This includes weather highlights, daily temperatures, expected rainfall and hours of sunshine.

Ibiza is the closest of the Balearic Islands to the Spanish mainland. As a result, the weather conditions here are like that of the eastern coastline of Spain. The summer months can be very hot with the winters quite mild but wet.

El tiempo en Ibiza

Below is an introduction into what weather to expect during spring, summer and autumn.

Weather in Ibiza

The weather in Ibiza tends to improve with the arrival of spring. The temperature of the sun and sea increase around this time along with the hours of sunshine. It’s during the warmer months that this island sees the bulk of it’s tourism. All the major tourist resorts will now be a buzz of activity, some transforming this island into the party capital of Spain.

Ibiza Weather in March

Botafoch Marina Ibiza- pueblo

The weather in Ibiza in March yields an increase in temperature as we enter the spring months. The average daily temperature now is 14 Celsius. This will continue to increase further as we enter spring on the 20th of March.

The temperature of the sea remains at 15 Celsius which is the year low. Spring tends to see quite a bit of rainfall generally and March is no exception. There will be around 7 – 8 rainy days during this month and 9 hours of sunshine.


Es Cana, Ibiza

The weather in April improves further with spring now in full swing. The average temperature now increases to 16 Celsius. As we approach May, the temperature will again increase to around 18 Celsius on average.

The sea temperature also increases to 16 Celsius during April and a touch warmer towards May. April tends to be one of the wetter months of the year, this month will likely see 8 -9 rainy days. The hours of sunshine now increase to 10 hours.

Weather in May

Santa Eualalia, Ibiza

The weather in Ibiza in May sees yet another increase in temperatures. The average daily temperature will now be 18 – 19 Celsius. May is the last of the spring months and the first major month for tourism.

The tourism high season tends to begin towards the end of May as the temperature improves. The average sea temperature during May is 18 Celsius but this will increase to 20 Celsius closer to June.

The hours of sunshine increase again to 12 hours. Only the summer months will see more hours of sun than May. The days of rainfall will also begin to decrease leading into summer. May sees around 6 days of rain but most will arrive early in the month.


Cafe del Mar, Ibiza

June is the beginning of summer and the weather in Ibiza will be perfect for most. This month sees an average temperature of 22 – 23 Celsius which will be hotter towards the end of the month. Several days in June will be closer to 30 Celsius.

The sea temperature also increases to 21 Celsius, this will be nice and warm to enjoy a swim. The super beaches here will now begin to see more occupancy. June will see 13 hours of sunshine on average, this is a year high for Ibiza.


Playa den Bossa, Ibiza

July is the height of summer when the temperature again increases. This month can get very hot towards the middle and end of the month. The average temperature is now 25 Celsius but many days will top 30 Celsius.

The sea temperature will now increase to 24 Celsius and hit 25 Celsius at the end of the month. July is one of the busiest months for tourism so expect the beaches to be busy. There will also be 13 hours of hot sun each day in July.

Weather in August

Es Vedra, Ibiza

August is the hottest month in Ibiza with an average temperature of 26 Celsius. Many days will see the temperature exceed 30 Celsius so sun cream is mandatory. August can get much hotter than the average temperature suggests.

The sea temperature also peaks at it’s yearly high of 26 Celsius. This is very warm for anywhere in the world. The hours of sunshine remain at the 13 hour yearly high. There is not likely to be much rain during this month, an odd shower here and there.

Weather in September


The weather in Ibiza during September can be as hot as August and July. This is especially true at the beginning of the month before things cool down. The average temperature for September is a hot 25 Celsius.

The sea temperature is also 25 Celsius, a shade below the year high of August. Early September is still quite busy for tourism as the holiday season nears it’s end. The hours of sun now drops to 10 hours and the days of rain begin to increase.

Weather in Ibiza in October

Gota Fria, Ibiza

The weather in October can still be quite hot but this month is very unpredictable. The average temperature will now be 21 Celsius and will continue to cool as the month progresses.

October sees by far more rainfall than any other month. This can be the case if a Gota Fria (Cold Drop) strikes. This weather phenomenon only happens on the eastern coast of Spain. Ibiza is quite close to the mainland so can often get the same conditions.

A Gota Fria usually occurs in October as the temperatures cool. Cold air from the north and west meets to hot air of the east. This can yield hurricane strength winds and large hail. This does not occur often but a Gota Fria can deliver 6 months rain in several days.

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