Tenerife Weather June 2024, Spring & Summer Sunshine

The weather in Tenerife in June again sees the temperatures increase. Spring will end in 3 weeks and the hotter summer season will begin. This is a popular time of year for family holidays as the kids break up from school.

Tenerife Weather June and Beaches

Weather In Tenerife in June, What Will The Temperature Be?

Tenerife is usually busier when northern Europe especially is colder. Spring, autumn and winter are when most pay a visit to escape the cold weather. There is still plenty of tourism here between June and August though.

The weather in Tenerife in June is usually warmer at the end of the month. June sees the average daytime temperature go up to 21°C which increases further near to July. This is an increase of 2 °C from May which was 19 °C. The average high now is 25°C with a low of 19°C. These sort of temperatures will suit most that visit here. Although these averages seem ideal, the record temperature for June is 37.9°C.

Sea Temperature
Tenerife, Canary Islands

The sea temperature here in June warms again to a super 22°C on average. The month begins a touch cooler but then warms around the middle of the month. It’s unusual for the sea to be warmer than the outside average temperature but not in Tenerife. August will see another increase to 23 °C with September and October being warmer still at 23°C. You will no doubt see plenty of people enjoying the sea and beaches now.

Rainy Days
June and July rarely see rainfall, the odd day here and there at the most. This is the case for the Canaries in general during the summer months. Autumn and spring are when most of the annual rainfall arrives.

Tenerife Weather In June

What is the temperature in Tenerife in June?
The temperature in Tenerife in June is 21°C , the previous month May was 19°C.

Will I be able to swim in the ocean now?
Without a doubt, 22°C is going to be plenty warm enough for everybody to enjoy a swim.

Does it rain in June?
Yes, but very little, maybe the odd day here and there. The summer months are not very wet at all across the Canaries.

Sunny Hours Each Day

June, July and August all see 10 hours of sunshine each day. This is the year high here in Tenerife. The hour of sun then begin to drop and reach their year low in December and January before increasing again.