Weather in Alcúdia, June – September 2022

The weather in Alcúdia is generally best during the spring and summer months. This is when the temperature is warmer. The holiday season tends to start in May as the temperature increases. It continues until late September when the temperature begins to cool.

June, July and August are the hotter months. The average yearly temperature across the island will usually exceed 22 Celsius. The colder winter months are December, January and February. The average temperature during the day can fall to 9 Celsius.

El Tiempo en Alcúdia

Weather in Alcúdia

The most rainfall arrives between the months of September – December. October is by far the wettest month here. The sea temperature tends to remain over 22 Celsius between June – October. It then falls during the winter and spring months.

Below we provide information about the weather in Alcúdia during the best months for tourism.

Alcúdia Climate 2021

  • The average yearly temperature is 16 Celsius
  • August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 26 Celsuis
  • January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 12 Celsius
  • October is by far the wettest month in Alcúdia with close to double the rain of most months
  • July is the driest month of the year with only 2 -3 rainy days
  • The sea is at it’s hottest during the month of August at 26 Celsius
  • In January, February and March, the sea is at it’s coldest level of 15 Celsius


Alcúdia en Junio

Summer begins in June and the weather this month is close to perfect. You can expect an average daily temperature of 23 Celsius for the start of the month. Towards the end of June this will seem much hotter with an average temperature of 25 Celsius.

The sea will also see a big increase in temperature as the beaches begin to fill up. The average sea temperature now is 22 Celsius which is ideal for swimming. The amount of rainfall will be less than half that of May with around 5 rainy days.


Playas de Alcúdia

The temperature during July can be at it’s hottest as we enter the height of summer. The average temperature now will be a hot 25 Celsius. The daily high now is 30 Celsius so you should expect to see plenty of very hot days.

The sea temperature now climbs to 25 Celsius on average which is approaching it’s yearly high. This month will see the beaches packed with tourists sunning themselves. July sees less rainfall than any other month with only 2 – 3 rainy days.

Weather in August

Playa Coll Baix, Alcudia

For the most part, August tends to be the hottest month in Alcúdia when the temperature again soars. The average daily temperature will rise to 26 Celsius, a touch hotter than July. The daily high will now be well over 30 Celsius at times.

The sea temperature also reaches it’s yearly high of 26 Celsius and can get hotter still. Unlike much of the mainland, August tends to see it’s fair share of rain to go with the hot sun. On average there is around 4 -5 days of rainfall during this month.

Weather in September

Alcúdia, en Septiembre

September is another hot month in Alcúdia, especially the beginning of the month. The average temperature cools to 23 Celsius but it can get much hotter. The temperature tends to cool more towards the end of the month.

At the start of September, the sea temperature is still a hot 24 Celsius. The sea will also begin to cool later in the month. The heavy rainfall will return during September which will see around 9 – 10 rainy days on average.