Weather in Majorca in March 2020, What Temperatures?

The weather in Majorca in March begins to improve after the colder winter months. The end of March will see the arrival of spring when temperatures begin to increase leading up to summer.

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March is not one of the bigger months for tourism due to the climate here. Things tend to pick up more in April as the temperatures improve. This is also true of the Spanish mainland some several hundred kilometres to the west.

Below we highlight what to expect should you choose to visit during March. This includes the temperatures of the sun and sea, rainfall and sunshine hours.

Majorca Weather March

Majorca Weather in March

The daily average temperature in Majorca during March is 12 Celsius. This is still a touch on the chilly side but a good improvement from 10 Celsius during February. The daily high is now 17 Celsius with a low of 9 Celsius.

The weather in Majorca in March tends to improve further towards the end of the month. This coincides with the arrival of spring on the 20th of this month in 2018. This island becomes busier as the climate improves. Easter arrives in late March which is always a special time when more come for long weekends. The weather in Majorca should be improving around that time.

Rainfall in Majorca in March

March tends to deliver between 4 -5 days of rainfall during the month. The precipitation now decreases, in fact, March sees less rain than any of the winter or spring months. Only the hotter summer months will see less rainfall than March.

March Sea Temperature

Mallorca temperatura del Mar, Marzo

The sea temperature in Majorca during March remains a chilly 15 Celsius. This is a year low temperature March shares with January and February. You can check this resource for the current temperature. This is unlikely to be suitable conditions for swimming or heading to the beach. The sea will warm to 16 Celsius towards the end of the month with the arrival of spring. Each month will then see an increase in temperature until peaking in August at 26 Celsius.

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Majorca March Weather Data

Below you will find some important highlights about the weather in Majorca in March.

  • The average daily temperature during march is 12 Celsius.
  • The sea temperature remains a chilly 15 Celsius.
  • There are 9 hours of sunshine per day typically.
  • March sees an average of 4 – 5 days rainfall during the month.
  • This month sees a daily high of 17 Celsius.
  • The daily low temperature is now 9 Celsius.

Hot March Weather

Hours of Sunshine

The hours of sunshine in March increase from 8 hours in February to 9 hours. Again, the hours increase further when spring arrives. Most months after will see an increase in hours before peaking at 13 hours in July. After the height of summer, the hours then begin to decline again.