Weather in Benidorm in May 2024, Spring Climate

The end of spring is a top time to pay a visit to mainland Spain before the holiday season. The weather in Benidorm in May is excellent around this time. There are fewer people here now and the temperature is ideal for most.

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June until September is when the summer temperatures are at their hottest. During May, the temperatures are increasing to a good level. There is plenty of warm sun now and the average daytime temperature is a pleasant 18 Celsius.

Weather in Benidorm in May 2020

Weather in Benidorm in May

The weather in Benidorm in May sees quite an improvement from April. There are increases to the temperature of the sun and sea with more hours of sunshine. The average daily high temperature also improves to 22 Celsius. May yields a daytime low temperature of 12 Celsius.

The evenings also begin to feel warmer with a nightly average temperature of 14 Celsius. May tends to start off cooler with the best of the weather at the end of the month. Depending on your time of visit, you could see temperatures well into the mid twenties.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in Benidorm in May increases to 18 Celsius from the chilly 16 Celsius of April. The beautiful sandy beaches of Poniente and Levante will now be a buzz of activity. There will be plenty that take to the sea now for a cooling swim.

Playa Levante, Benidorm

May also sees the opening of the water parks like Aqualandia to coincide with the warmer weather. Most of the attractions will now begin to open along with the summer clubs.

Rainfall in May

This may be a surprise to some but May is actually one of the wettest months in Benidorm. The beginning of the month tends to see the bulk of the rainfall. Closer to June, the amount of rainy days will reduce quite a bit. On average, May sees 7 – 8 days of rainfall during the month. Even when there is rain around, the temperature will still be warm.

Hours of Sunshine in May

The hours of daily sunshine increase in May to 9 hours from the 8 hours of April. June sees another increase to 10 hours before July sees the yearly high of 12 hours. It tends to remain lighter for longer now with summer around the corner.

Benidorm Weather in May Summary

Below are some key points about the weather in Benidorm in May if you decide not to read the whole article.

  • May sees a daily sunshine temperature of 18 Celsius on average.
  • The temperature of the sea increases to 18 Celsius from the 16 Celsius of the previous month. You can check this resource for the current sea temperature during May.
  • There are now 9 hours of sunshine to enjoy each day, an increase of 1 hour.
  • May tends to yield 7 – 8 rainy days on average as this is one of the wetter months.
  • The daily high temperature also sees an increase to a warmer 22 Celsius.
  • The daily low temperature in May is 12 Celsius with an evening average temperature of 14 Celsius.

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Good To Know

The start of May is not as busy as the end of the month so there are few people around. The end of the month is when many of the water parks and theme parks open for business. This is also when many of the top summer clubs begin to open.