Benidorm Weather October 2021, Does Autumn Remain Hot?

The weather in Benidorm in October remains good but can be very unpredictable also. This month sees the first significant drop in temperatures after the hot summer. It’s still a great time to visit if we avoid a Gota Fria which we go into detail about below.

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Benidorm Weather in October, How Hot Will It Be?

The weather in Benidorm in October sees the outside temperature fall to 20°C on average. This is a decrease of 4 °C from September which is like a summer month. These are still warm conditions with the best of the weather at the start of October. In 2019, the first two weeks saw temperatures between 22 °C – 24 °C. The final two weeks fell to 18 °C – 19 °C.

October still has a warm daytime high of 23 °C but the low falls to 14 °C. This tends to be the sort of outside temperature in the evenings also. The record high for October is 36.2⁰C way back in the 1940’s so expect much warmer temperatures. The coldest temperature on record is 4⁰C. It’s very rare to get single digit temperatures here but we will explain why it’s still possible.

Extreme Weather in October – Gota Fria (Cold Drop)

The eastern coast of the Spanish mainland sometimes experiences a Gota Fria. This weather phenomenon only happens along the eastern coast mainly. This also affects the islands such as Majorca during this month which lie to the east  Living an hour south of Benidorm, we can give the best account of what to expect should a Gota Fria arrive. First we will explain why this only happens in this part of Spain and what the conditions are like.

As we mention above, October sees a rapid cooling in temperature after a very hot summer. The cooler air from the Atlantic to the west and Pyrenees Mountains to the north converges with the warm air to the east. This weather phenomenon does not happen every year, in fact, we can go several years without a Gota Fria. In 2019, we got two in the space of a few months although it’s more common in October.

The effects of a Gota Fria can be devastating, the aftermath almost apocalyptic. To the right or further down this page if you are using a mobile device you can see a video of a recent Gota Fria in September. This destructive weather can deliver up to a years rainfall in a few days. You almost always get high winds which often are hurricane strength. Another dangerous element is large hailstones which can be as big as golf balls.

Sea Temperature

Playa Levante, Benidorm

The ocean temperature in October falls again from the 23°C of September to 21°C. This is still a good temperature for the beach and a swim. The beautiful beaches of Levante and Poniente will still be busy on warm days. These are the two main beaches here which stretch for several kilometres.

Rainfall in October

October is another wet month but usually sees less rain than September. This is not always the case though, it really depends on whether Benidorm gets a Gota Fria. The amount of rainy days could be double digits but the average is 8 – 9 days.

Benidorm Weather in October Temperatures

  • The averages daytime temperature in Benidorm during October is 20°C. This month sees a high of 23 °C and a low of 14 °C.
  • The ocean temperature decreases to 21 °C.
  • October has 9 hours of sunshine on average per day.
  • This is quite a wet month with 8 – 9 days of rainfall.

Yearly & March Weather

Hours of Sun

October sees 8 hours of sunshine each day, a decrease of 1 hour from September. This will continue to drop by an hour for the next two months also. There will not be another increase until March here, around springtime. If you want some extra sunshine head to Levante beach which is south facing and gets more sun.