Weather in Majorca In October 2024, How Hot Is It Now?

The weather in Majorca in October can be unpredictable but generally good still. Autumn is a popular time to pay a visit to the Balearic Islands if you want to escape the crowds. Summer is over which means less families and more of the island to yourself.

The busy season here tends to start in May and lasts until September. This is when the temperatures are at their hottest, especially July and August. The links below will help you move around this page to learn about the climate here in October.

Majorca Weather October

Majorca Weather in October With Monthly Temperatures

The weather in Majorca in October sees the daytime average temperature take a steep drop. September enjoys a warm 21°C which now falls to 18°C across the island. This month sees a daytime high of 23°C with a low of 16°C.

Conditions in 2019 were far better at the beginning of October. This is often the case when the seasons transition from summer to autumn. You almost always get the warmer weather during the first week or two of the month. The temperatures then continue to fall the closer you get to winter.

Alcudia Majorca
Beautiful Coastline Of Alcudia

Majorca in October Temperatures

  • October experiences a drop in the outside temperature to 18° Celsius. The high each day now is 23°C with the low falling further to 16°C.
  • The sea temperature also begins to fall as the month progresses with an average temp of 23 Celsius. If you visit in early October you will get closer to 25°C or 22°C near to November.
  • This month sees the hours of daily sunshine fall to 8 hours each day. September enjoys 2 extra hours on average here.
  • October usually gets more rainfall than any other month of the year. There tends to be around 7 or 8 days of precipitation which can bring heavy showers.

Rainfall in October

Autumn is the wettest time of year in Majorca with October seeing the most rainfall. After summer, each month tends to see an increase in precipitation until December. The end of the year can see double the rain of the beginning and a lot more at times. It often depends on whether there is a Gota Fria or not. We go into more detail about this weather phenomenon on our October climate in Benidorm page. In short, a Gota Fria can deliver a years rain in a few days and they often strike in October.

Sea Temperature

Es Trenc en Majorca

The ocean temperature also sees a big drop to 23°C on average this month. Again, this is always going to be warmer closer to September when the sea is a hot 25° Celsius. It’s during the last week or so when the sea hits it’s lowest temperature of 22°C here. The sea will continue to cool each month until reaching it’s year low of 15°C in January. October is still warm enough to swim and there will be plenty of people enjoying the many beaches and coves.

Alcúdia in Octuber

Alcúdia during October can also be very unpredictable as the temperatures cool. The average temperature during this month will now fall to 19 Celsius.

October sees far more rainfall than any other month and close to double of most months. It could rain for up to 14 days during October and the rainfall will often be significant. The daily high drops to 22 Celsius.

The sea temperature takes a sharp drop to 22 Celsius which is still quite warm for the time of year. The sea temperature will continue to drop each month before reaching it’s year low at the start of the year.

Popular Resort Temperatures In Majorca During October

Those visiting Majorca for the first time can expect many amazing resorts to stay. In total there are well over 40 spread across the island. Whichever location you decide, you can be sure of beautiful beaches and coves. These are without doubt the biggest attractions on the island.

The table below should give you an idea of the temperatures to expect in Majorca. These are the top locations to visit where conditions are not always the same.

PalmaSanta PonsaCala d'Or
Average Temperature18°C18°C19°C
Sea Temp23°C23°C23°C

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More Places In October

Things To Do
Majorca boasts many super attractions and things to do no matter what part you visit. Some of the best are close to the capital city Palma which includes the Cathedral. Bellver Castle, Cuevas del Drach and Mondragó Natural Park and also places to check out. For families you have Katmandu Park and some excellent water parks.