Majorca Weather April 2024: Good Month To Visit?

The weather in Majorca in April sees a significant improvement which coincides with the first full month of spring. The average daytime temperature now increases to 14 – 15 Celsius. This is quite a jump from the average yearly temperatures of this popular island.

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The island of Majorca is very much a hot weather location. Most tend to head here as the weather improves. April does see it’s fair share of tourism as the days become warmer. The climate here is like Ibiza during this month an the eastern coast of the Spanish mainland.

Majorc Weather April

Weather In Majorca In April, What Temperatures To Expect?

The daily high temperature in Majorca during April is 19 Celsius which is more suitable if you want to sunbathe. These conditions are more common at the end of the month as it gets closer to May. The average low temperature here is 12 – 13 Celsius which is still on the chilly side. The evenings will also seem quite cold still dropping to 7 – 8 Celsius at times.

The weather in Majorca in April does improve in other areas apart from the sun temperature. The sea sees an increase in temperature and the hours of sunshine increase also. It’s unlikely the beautiful beaches and coves here will be buzzing with activity yet. Between the month of May until September is when the tourism season is in full swing.

Mediterranean Temperature

Playa de es Trenc en Mallorca

The sea temperature warms to 16 Celsius during April from 15 Celsius in March. This will likely be on the chilly side if you are thinking about having a swim. The end of April will see a further increase to 18 Celsius which may be ok for some to have a paddle.
The sea will continue to warm up each month before peaking at 26 Celsius in August. You can check the current sea temperature here or learn about future sea temperatures.

Palma de Mallorca

The capital Palma de Mallorca is one of the top places to visit which sees some of the best temperatures on the island during April. This is also the case for most of the top areas in the south.

The typical outdoor temperature here is 16°C which is a touch warmer than the northern resorts. This will continue to increase around May. The high for April is 19°C with a low of 15°C on average.

One small down side is the amount of rain and rainy days here during April. Palma can see as many as 10 days of rainfall which is heavier earlier in the month. The plus side is most areas in the north will be wetter now.

Resort Temperatures

Below are the average temperatures of some of the other leading resorts across the island.

Santa PonsaPuerto PollensaCala d'Or
Average Temperature16°C14°C15°C
Sea Temp16°C16°C16°C

More Monthly & Yearly Climate

Majorca April Weather Stats

  • The average temperature in April during the day is 14 – 15 Celsius
  • The temperature of the sea is now 16 Celsius
  • On average there are 10 hours of sun to enjoy during April
  • Some of the best temperatures across the island can be found in the capital Palma. Conditions here will be a shade warmer than the northern areas.
  • You can expect between 5 – 6 days of rainfall
  • The daily high temperature increases to 19 Celsius
  • April sees a daily low of 12 Celsius

Hours of Sunshine

The hours of sunshine in April will now increase to 10 from 9 during March. The arrival of spring towards the end of March saw the hours of sun increase. The sunshine hours will continue to increase as we approach the summer. July will see the hours of sun peak at 13 hours at the height of summer.

Rainfall in April

April see on average 5 – 6 days of rainfall. April and May generally see quite a bit of rainfall leading up to summer. The precipitation levels are still quite high now which will yield plenty of rain. The summer months as one may expect are much drier than the spring months here.

Alcúdia in April

The climate in Alcúdia in April sees another increase in the daily temperature as we enter the first full month of spring. The average temperature now climbs to 15 Celsius. The high temperature in April is 18 Celsius which will increase further closer to May.

The sea temperature finally sees an increase from the year low of the last 3 months. 16 Celsius is still on the chilly side for swimming but this also increases closer to May. April is one of the wettest months of the year with around 12 days of rainfall.