Tenerife Weather April 2024, Are Temperatures Increasing?

The weather in Tenerife in April is improving with spring well under way on this beautiful island. Temperatures are not quite as good as May but there is plenty of warm weather on offer.

March and April are two of the top months to visit Tenerife with everything now a buzz of activity. Tourism during these months tends to be at it’s highest level, especially the top resorts like Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas. The weather during April especially is ideal for everyone. The beaches begin to fill with the sea warming to a good temperature to enjoy a swim.

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Weather & Temperature in Tenerife in April

The temperature in Tenerife is April will often exceed the average of 21 Celsius. It’s usual to see the odd day closer to 30 Celsius during this month. This is the same pattern with the climate in March which can be much warmer than the normal average. The evenings will see the temperature fall to it’s daily low of 16 Celsius on average. This is by no means cold and you can leave the jacket at home most nights.

The best weather in Tenerife in April tends to arrive during the middle and end of the month as May approaches. April has seen record temperatures of around 35 Celsius so sun cream will be essential now. At times, the overcast conditions can be deceptive and catch you out. This is especially true if you are heading to the beaches where there is a sea breeze.

Sea Temperature

Playas en Tenerife
April sees the sea temperature increase to 20 – 21 Celsius on average. This should be plenty warm enough for most to take a swim if you are heading to the beaches. This month will see more beach activity than previous months thanks to the warm weather. The sea will likely be at it’s warmest towards the end of April. This is an excellent resource for sea temperatures in April or other months of the year.


April is a super month to visit Tenerife if you are escaping the rainfall. This month tends to see 1 – 2 days rain on average. The precipitation is quite low when it arrives and less than half that of March. This island will not see much rain for the next several months at least.

Most of the wet stuff comes in winter and the beginning of spring. If you are planning your visit closer to May then you are unlikely to see any rain at all.

April Temperatures in Tenerife By Popular Resorts

The weather table below displays the average temperatures in Tenerife during April for some of the top resorts.

Costa AdejePlaya de las AméricasLos Cristianos
Average Temperature19°C20°C17°C
Sea Temp20°C20°C19°C

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April Weather in Tenerife

  • 21 Celsius is the usual outside temperature in April.
  • The temperature of the sea sees a small increase to 20 Celsius.
  • Typically, there are 8 hours of sunshine during this month.
  • There is a decrease in rainfall which will yield between 1-2 rainy days.
  • April can see the daily high hit 23 Celsius on occasion.
  • The low for this month is still a pleasant 17 Celsius.

Tenerife Vs Lanzarote in April
If you are looking for the busiest place to go then Tenerife wins hands down. For the warmest weather conditions in Lanzarote now are 2 Celsius warmer. There will also be fewer days of rainfall during this month.

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Hours of Sunshine

The hours of sunshine during April will remain at 8 hours. This is the same number of hours for all the spring months. The summer months between June until August see this increase to 10 hours. The previous months tend to be more overcast and rainy so you should see plenty of sunshine. The sun is also now a shade warmer than previous months so make sure you pack some sun cream.