Tenerife Weather November 2024: A Cheap Time To Visit?

The weather in Tenerife in November sees some significant decreases in temperatures. Conditions are still warm but very different to October in many respects. November records a bigger drop in temperature than any other month of the year.

This is still a great time to pay a visit for an autumn holiday. November is often the cheapest or among the cheapest months to visit. Many tend to favour this season as summer is more popular with families and more expensive. The kids will all be back to school now with the adults and couples choosing this time for a vacation. Of course, there will be plenty of singles and groups here now also.

Tenerife Weather November

Weather In Tenerife in November, What´s It Like Now?

The Tenerife weather in November sees the outside temperature drop to 18 Celsius. This is a considerable decrease from the 22 Celsius of October. As a result, it’s warmer here for the first two weeks of the month. It’s usually cooler closer to December but don’t let this put you off. In 2019, conditions were pretty good with most days being around 20 Celsius. This is actually the high temperature for November with a low of 14 Celsius on average

What Is The Sea Temperature Now?

Tenerife, Canary Islands

The ocean also sees a sharp drop in temperature to 21 Celsius. This is a dramatic decrease from the hot 24 Celsius of October. As with the sun temperature, you can expect the sea to be much warmer early in the month. Conditions should still be warm enough to enjoy some days at the beach and a swim. You can check this resource for latest sea temperatures and conditions for November.

November Temperatures In Tenerife South

Below you can see the expected temperature for some of the top resorts in Tenerife south. These tend to be quite busy around the end of the year.

Costa AdejePlaya de las AméricasLos Cristianos
Average Temperature19°C19°C18°C
Sea Temp21°C21°C21°C

November Temperatures In Tenerife

  • The typical outside temperature during November is 18 Celsius. This month sees a high temp of 20 Celsius and a low of 14 Celsius.
  • November experiences a dramatic drop in the ocean temperature now. You can expect the sea to still be warm though at 21 Celsius.
  • There is a big increase in rainfall during November. This month see over double the rain of most months and 7 or 8 rainy days.
  • November shares the year low of 6 hours of sun with December and January.

More November Weather

Sunshine Hours Per Day

Hours of sun is another metric that sees a decrease from October. The sunny hours per day now fall to 6 hours from the 7 of the previous month. There will not be another increase until February with December and January staying at 6 hours.

Rainfall in November

November also sees a big increase in the amount of rainfall and rainy days. This month sees well over double the precipitation of October. December and November are by far the wettest months of the year. There is little between these months with both getting 7-8 rainy days.