Tenerife Weather October 2024: Is It Still Hot Here Now?

The Tenerife weather in October is superb, this could be summer month in most countries of the world. The average temperature is now a warm 23 Celsius with plenty of sunshine around. Autumn in Spain generally is hot still although there is usually quite a bit of rain also.

October is another popular month for tourism here, perhaps even more so than December when many come to spend Christmas. The temperatures of northern Europe will be dropping fast now but not on the island of Tenerife. The sub-tropical climate here yields superb all year round weather with hot summers and wild winters. Spring and Autumn are the most popular times to visit this island as most other places are cold.

Tiempo en Tenerife en Octubre

Tenerife Weather in October, How Hot Will It Be?

The average high temperature in Tenerife during October is 25 Celsius. This is more likely to be early in the month before things begin to cool down after the hot summer.

October has seen a record high temperature of 38.1 Celsius in recent years so expect some very hot days. As we approach November the temperature will begin to cool and there will be a lot more rainfall.

The weather in Tenerife in October is always at it’s best at the start and middle of the month. These times are the best to visit if you want hot sun but not too much rain.

Which Areas Have The Warmest Weather During October?

Without doubt, the southwest of the island is where you will find the warmest weather now. Temperatures tend to be hotter in the resorts which lie south of Mount Teide. The highest point in Spain blocks the cooler air coming from the north.

Most will be familiar with Playa de la Americas and Los Cristianos which have some of the best nightlife. Conditions are often even better in Costa Adeje due to it’s prime location. The temperature here is usually a few Celsius warmer than other parts of Tenerife.

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Rainfall & Temperature Of The Sea

Volcano Teide, Tenerife

October can see as many as 5 – 6 days of rainfall during this month, a big increase from September. The precipitation will likely be significant most of the time. Tenerife does not experience Gota Frias during October like the mainland lucky enough. It does see plenty of rain during the latter part of autumn and winter though. If you visit during this month then you will always get hot weather but will likely see some days of heavy rain.

The sea temperature during October like the weather is hot. You can expect the sea to be 24 Celsius, a year high this month shares with September. The temperature will begin to drop towards the end of the month but will still be ideal for a swim. The beaches will be buzzing with activity, assuming there is no rain of course.

South Tenerife Resort Temperatures in October

Costa AdejePlaya de las AméricasLos Cristianos
Average Temperature24°C23°C23°C
Sea Temp23°C23°C23°C

October Weather & Average Temperatures in Tenerife

How hot is Tenerife in October?
October here is often as hot as the summer months with excellent temperatures. The typical daytime average now is 23 Celsius with a high of 25 Celsius.

Is this part of the Atlantic warm enough to swim now?
If you like the Atlantic temperature hot then this is the month to visit. October sees an average temperature of 24 Celsius, warmer than the outside average.

Is October a good time to visit?
Conditions are close to perfect now to enjoy an autumn vacation. An extra benefit is the kids will all be back at school if you plan a break from them.

Does it rain much now?
October does see a significant increase in the amount of rainfall and rainy days. This month usually sees between 5-6 days of rain on average.

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Hours of Sun

The hours of sunshine remain at 7 hours per day for the whole of autumn. This is also the case for October after the sharp drop when summer came to it’s conclusion. December will see the hours of sunshine drop to 6 hours and remain that way until February. Spring sees the hours of sunshine increasing again.