Lanzarote Weather November 2023: Playa Blanca & Costa Teguise

The weather in Lanzarote in November records some sharp drops in temperatures. Unlike the islands to the west, this part of the Atlantic is nowhere near as drastic. Both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are quite a bit warmer now thanks to their location. These islands lie closer to the Western Africa mainland where temperatures are better.

Throughout this page, we will go into great detail about the sort of conditions to expect here now. We will also touch on why Lanzarote especially is the place to be for your November vacation. The links below will help you move around this page quicker.

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How Hot Is The Weather In Lanzarote In November?

The Lanzarote weather in November sees the temperature fall to 21 Celsius. This is a drop of 2 Celsius from previous month October which was 23 Celsius. Tenerife drops to 18 Celsius now so you are certain to enjoy several degrees warmer. The daily high in November is a hot 24 Celsius with a warm low of 17 Celsius.

There is a good chance that the first two weeks of November will be much warmer also. In 2019, the beginning of the months saw temperatures between 23-26 Celsius on average. While not quite as warm as summer, these are still excellent temperatures to soak up some sun.

Can Your Swim In The Sea In November?

Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

The Atlantic is another weather element that only sees a small drop in temperature. October is a touch warmer at 22 Celsius with November falling to 21 Celsius on average. If you visit during the first week of November, the Atlantic will be at it’s warmest. This is quite typical for this time of year across the Canaries. You can check here to see the daily temperatures for November. The sea is always at it coldest at the start of the year. Most islands reach their year low during February and March.

November Resort Temperatures in Lanzarote

Costa TeguiseJandiaPuerto del Carmen
November Temperature20°C21°C20°C
Sea Temp21°C21°C21°C

More Canaries in November

Lanzarote Weather November

  • November sees a drop in temperature to 21 Celsius. This is still much warmer than most of the Canaries. This month also enjoys an impressive high of 24 Celsius with a low of 17 Celsius.
  • We lose one hour of sunshine during November making a daily total of 8 hours.
  • There are usually 3-4 rainy days during this month which is an increase from October. This is far less than most of the other Canaries to the west.
  • The temperature of the Atlantic Ocean falls to 21 Celsius now. This tends to be 22 Celsius during the first week of November and 20 Celsius for the last week.

Does It Rain In November?

November is quite a wet month but only sees half the rainfall of December on average. Winter is when most of the rain arrives in Lanzarote. Usually there are 3-4 rainy days during this month, other islands will get double now.

Other Months

Hours of Sun

The hours of sunshine decrease to 8 during November, a reduction of 1 hour per day. Sunny hours will continues to fall until the new year.