Gran Canaria Weather November 2023, Is It Hot Or Cold Now?

The weather in Gran Canaria in November is warm but cooling down from previous months. This is common for the Canaries towards the end of the year but the temperatures are still good. You can use our quick links to skip this introduction and find out more about the conditions in November.

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The autumn months are quite popular here and November is no exception. Summer sees more families coming for their vacation but the children will be back at school now. Gran Canaria tends to see more tourism during October when it’s hotter here. November is not as busy so it’s a good time to visit to escape the crowds.

Gran Canaria Weather November

Weather in Gran Canaria in November

The Gran Canaria weather in November yields a warm daily temperature of 21°C (69.8°F). This is a reduction of 2°C from October which is more like a summer month. November has an excellent high of 24°C with a low of 18°C.

Given the temperature of the previous months, early November is usually warmer here. If you visit closer to December it will seem a touch cooler than the beginning of the month. November in 2019 saw most days over 20°C with some days as high as 27°C.

Hottest & Coldest Temperature in November?

November in Gran Canaria often records temperatures of over 30°C making it the warmest of the Canaries at this time of year.. This is almost always around the coastal areas away from the mountains. The mountainous parts of this island can see the temperature approach freezing. This tends to be more common around February when it’s colder here.

Roque-Nublo, gran-canaria

You should definitely check out some of the wonderful peaks if trekking is your thing. Roque Nublo (image above) is the most popular high point which will take you up among the clouds. The view is spectacular with other volcanic terrain and ravines to enjoy on your trek.

Rainy Days in November

November is quite a wet month here but the winter months see more rainfall. December is the wettest month with January coming next and then February. This month usually sees 3-4 rainy days with a large amount of precipitation on occasion. Most of the rain often comes later in the month.

Popular Resort Temperatures

Las PalmasPlaya del InglesPuerto Rico
November Temperature21°C21°C21°C
Sea Temp22°C22°C22°C

Other Islands In November

Gran Canaria Weather Temps & Facts For November

What are the average temperatures in Gran Canaria in November?
Glorious outside temperature of 21°C with a high of 24°C and low of 18°C.

Is The Sea Warm Enough To Swim?
The sea temperatures is a warm 22°C for the first two weeks of November. Closer to December this falls to 21°C which should still be good conditions for most.

Does It Rain In November?
Yes, apart from winter, November is the next wettest month with 3-4 rainy days.

How About Snow?
Very unlikely during November although there could be some frost in the mountains. It tends to snow when it’s coldest here during January and February for example. This is usually in the mountains at higher altitudes. The coastal areas do not get cold enough in general.

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Ocean Temperature

The ocean temperature is pretty good for this time of year if you enjoy a swim. During November the sea is a warm 22 Celsius which is only a touch cooler than the year high. December will record another drop with the year low coming at the start of the year. You can check the historical temperatures here for the capital Las Palmas during 2019.