Fuerteventura Weather January 2024 & Climate Temps

The weather in Fuerteventura in January reaches it’s coldest levels during this month. At the beginning of the year is usually when the average daily temperatures are at their lowest. The normal daytime temperature decreases from the 19 Celsius of December to 18 Celsius, These are still pretty good conditions with this island enjoying some of the warmest weather in the Canaries.

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Many head south to the Canary Islands during the colder months for some winter sun. Fuerteventura has plenty on offer all year round, as do all the Spanish islands in the Atlantic. The climate now is very similar to Lanzarote during this month which is just to the north. January up until late March is when most chose to take a winter holiday to get away from the freezing conditions to the north.

Weather in Fuerteventura in January

Fuerteventura Weather in January

The weather in Fuerteventura in January tends to be at it’s warmest as the month begins. It will feel cooler towards the middle and at the end of the month. The average high during this month is 21 Celsius with the low falling to 15 C. The conditions here are much the same as the other islands but with less rainfall.

It’s possible that the warm air from the Sahara to the east will assist the temperatures here. This is more common in spring and summer when both Fuerteventura and Lanzarote will experience hazy conditions.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in January falls to 19 Celsius from the 20 Celsius of December. This is probably still good conditions to enjoy the magnificent beaches here and a swim on warmer days. The following two months see the sea temperature drop to it’s lowest yearly level of 18 Celsius. Fuerteventura is famous for it’s windy conditions for water sports so expect plenty of windsurfers in the sea.

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January is one of the wetter months in Fuerteventura as is the case for all the winter months. This month sees around half of the rainfall of December which happens to be the dampest month across the Canaries. December aside, only February sees more rainfall on average than January. Usually there will be 3 days of rain during this month.

Other Canaries in January

Fuerteventura in January

The daily average temperature in January is 18 Celsius.

January sees a high temperature of 21 Celsius.

The typical daily low temperature now falls to 15 Celsius but this is more common towards the end of the month.

January is the third wettest month behind December and February. There are usually 3 days of rain during this month.

The temperature of the ocean now falls to 19 Celsius. This is a small drop from the 20 Celsius in December.

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Hours of Sunshine

January sees 6 hours of daily sunshine in January, a year low it shares with December. February sees the hours increase to 7 hours of sun per day. The end of January will be closer to 7 hours also if you plan on paying a visit towards the end of the month.