Gran Canaria Weather January 2024 With Maspalomas

The weather in Gran Canaria in January is a touch on the cool side if you are planning a visit. January is the coldest month on this island but don’t let that put you off. The Canary Island boast a sub-tropical climate which yields warm winters and hot summers.

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January tends to yield a daytime temperature of 18 Celsius on average. This will be 10-15 Celsius warmer than most places in northern Europe. January is one of the top months for tourism to Gran Canaria due to the fantastic climate. This island has some of the warmest weather in Europe during this month. February and March are also popular times to pay a visit as the temperatures increase further.

Weather in Gran Canaria in January

Gran Canaria Weather in January

The weather in Gran Canaria in January tends to yield the warmest temperatures during the middle of the month. It’s normal to see an increase in temperature to 19 Celsius for several days of the month at least. The daily high temperature for January is 21 Celsius with a low of 15 Celsius.

Gran Canaria is quite mountainous which helps to keep the southern part of the island warmer. This is especially true during the colder months as the mountains shield the south of the island from cold winds from the north. The busier resorts of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés are two top areas which the mountains protect.

Temperature of The Sea

The sea temperature in Gran Canaria in January is 19 Celsius which is the temperature it remains until May. This is a drop of 2 Celsius from December which is usually a warmer month all round. 19 Celsius is not too cold to enjoy a swim or some water sports which are popular here. You can check here for more information about the sea temperature in January and other months.

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Maspalomas in January

January is usually the coldest time to pay a visit to Maspalomas as this is the height of winter. The average daily temperature now falls to 17 Celsius. The high temperature is 21 Celsius with a low of 15 Celsius. The sea is also at it’s lowest yearly temperature of 19 Celsius. January, like all winter months tends to be quite wet, only December sees more rainfall. On average there will be 7-8 days worth of rain during the month. The hours of sunshine will be at the year low of 6 hours per day.

Popular Location Temperatures in January

MaspalomasPlaya del InglesPuerto Rico
Average Temperature17°C17°C17°C
Sea Temp19°C19°C19°C

Other Islands In January

January Climate Summary

  • January yields a daily temperature average of 18 Celsius.
  • The daily high for this month is a warm 21 Celsius.
  • 15 Celsius is the daily low temperature which is quite common in the evenings also.
  • The mountains tend to shield the popular resorts in the south from the colder northern winds.
  • January is the second wettest month which yields 3-4 days of rainfall. The amount of rain can be significant due to high precipitation levels.
  • The sea temperature pf 19 Celsius is now at it’s yearly low but not too cold for a swim on warm days.

Other Months

Rainfall in January
January is quite a wet month in Gran Canaria as are all the winter months. There is a big reduction in the amount of rainfall from December which is usually the dampest month of the year. January is the second wettest month but February sees almost the same amount of rain. It’s usual to see 3-4 days of rainfall in January but the precipitation can be significant when rain arrives.

Sunshine Hours Per Day
January sees 6 hours of sunshine on average which is the yearly low. December will also see the same amount of daily hours of sun. If you are visiting towards the end of January then you could see closer to 7 hours of sun. February sees 7 hours of sunshine, as does March. April sees another increase to 8 hours before they hit their peak of 10 hours during July and August.