Lanzarote Weather October 2024, How Will It Be Now?

What can you expect from the weather in Lanzarote in October? Plenty of hours of hot sunshine, little rainfall and perfect sea conditions for a swim. An excellent combination to enjoy the wonderful beaches this island is famous for.

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What’s The Weather Like In Lanzarote In October?

The weather in Lanzarote in October remains almost as hot as summer. In fact, the previous months September and August are usually the hottest months of the year here. The temperature now cools a touch to 23 °C on average each day.

This month sees a hot daily high of 27 °C and a low of 19 °C. These should be ideal conditions for most if not all people. Still nice and hot each day without being too hot. Even in the evenings, you should be ok in your shorts or summer dresses. It’s worth pointing out that this month can see much hotter temperatures. The record high here during October was 37.1°C, way over the average temperature.

What Temperatures Did Lanzarote Have During October In 2019?
The first week of October in Lanzarote saw temperatures between 24 °C – 27°C. This tends to be when the temperatures are at their warmest each yeah. The rest of the month was between 20°C – 24°C.

Is It Busy In Lanzarote In October?
The Canary Islands are busy all year round due to the sub-tropical climate here. October is a very popular month, the summer being over and the kids back to school could be part of the reason.

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What Is The Sea Temperature in October?

Papagayo, Lanzarote

The sea temperature during October is a warm 23 °C which is the year high. August, September and October is when this part of the Atlantic is warmest. November then sees a small decrease to 22°C.

October Resort Temperatures In Lanzarote

Costa TeguisePlaya BlancaPuerto del Carmen
Average Temperature22°C22°C23°C
Sea Temp22°C22°C22°C

Lanzarote October Weather & Average Temperatures

  • The typical temperature of the sun during the day is 23 °C.
  • October sees a high of 27 °C with a record high of 37.1 °C.
  • The low of 19 °C is usual for most of the month apart from the first week when it’s warmer.
  • Lanzarote gets 9 hours of sunshine per day during October.
  • This month sees a maximum of 2 days rainfall.
  • The temperature of the Atlantic here is a warm 23 °C.

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How Much Does It Rain In October?
There is a good chance you will not see any rain if you pay a visit in October. This month on average sees no more than 2 days rainfall which will likely be a few brief showers at the most.

Other Places in October

Warmest Parts
Around this time you will find the warmest temperatures in the south. Puerto del Carmen, Jandia and Playa Blanca enjoy excellent conditions now. The former is not far from Arrecife airport with the other resorts near the southern tip of Lanzarote.

In the north the top resort is Costa Teguise where conditions may be a touch cooler. Do not miss the amazing sand dunes and coastline when visiting.