Lanzarote Weather March & April 2024: Warm Spring Temperatures

The weather in Lanzarote in March is generally good as winter is coming to an end. Visitors to this beautiful island now can expect warm temperatures which the Canaries are famous for. March and the coming month of April are two of the top times to enjoy a holiday here.

The temperatures further north are still quite cold in comparison. This makes the sub-tropical climate here an attractive prospect for millions each year. The hot air from the Sahara to the east can send the temperature up much higher than the monthly average at times. The sand that comes with the hot air can also reduce the visibility and leave a dense haze.

Weather in Lanzarote in March

Lanzarote Weather in March, How Hot Will It Be?

The temperature in Lanzarote in March can reach as high as 23 Celsius. This is a shade warmer than the temperatures for Tenerife during this month which lies to the west. The daily low here is a mild 16 Celsius which you are unlikely to experience often. March has seen a record temperature of close to 33 Celsius so you should invest in some sun cream. When the conditions are overcast and the humidity is higher it can also seem much warmer here.

The beginning of March tends to yield an average temperature of 18 Celsius. This rises to 19 Celsius during the middle of the month and closer to April which will see another increase. The end of this month sees the arrival of spring and the temperature will continue to rise.

Rainfall in March

March usually yields around 4 days of rainfall on average. The winter months is when most rainfall arrives here. The precipitation levels continue to drop each month until August. In fact, there will likely not be any rainfall during the summer months. Even when rain does arrive, it will not be much and will rarely stop you heading to the beaches.

Sea Temperature

Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

The sea temperature in Lanzarote in March is at it’s lowest yearly level of 18 Celsius. Only February shares this one small negative. This will not deter those from the colder northern climates. The sea will warm to 19 Celsius during April and May and peak at 23 Celsius in August which is will remain until October before dropping again. The sea temperature will then begin to fall until February when it again reaches it’s coldest.

Temperatures in Lanzarote in March By Resort

Below are the average temperatures in Lanzarote for March which includes some of the best locations. In general, the climate for Costa Teguise may be a bit cooler than Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca further south.

Costa TeguisePlaya BlancaPuerto del Carmen
Lanzarote March Temp18°C18°C19°C
Ocean Temp18°C18°C18°C

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Lanzarote Weather in March Data

Some facts and highlights if you are thinking about visiting Lanzarote in March.

  • The average daily temperature is 19 Celsius
  • The Sea temperature is 18 Celsius
  • There are 8 hours of sunshine
  • Average of 3 – 4 days of rainfall
  • Daily high of 22 Celsius
  • Daily low of 16 Celsius
  • The temperature can seem warmer due to hot air from the Sahara Desert
  • Visibility can drop a lot due to the sand from the Sahara which leaves the island hazy
  • March in Lanzarote has seen a record temperature of close to 33 Celsius

Other Months & Yearly Climate

Hours of Sunshine

Lanzarote sees an average of 8 hours sunshine in March. With the arrival of spring, these hours will continue to increase and peak during the summer. Towards the end of the month this will be closer to 9 hours. The beautiful beaches here will begin to see a lot more activity now. Even the winter months can be warm enough to head to the beach to top up the tan.

Puerto del Carmen sees some of the warmest temperatures in Lanzarote during March. This resort lies south of the capital Arrecife which is also the name of the airport. The daytime temperature is 19°C with a high of 23°C in this part of the island.

Playa Blanca is to the south west near the popular resort Jandia. The temperature will now be a touch cooler but the beaches make up for this. This area is one of the most beautiful spots on the island with fabulous beach-side hotels.

Lanzarote Weather April 2024

The weather in Lanzarote in April is superb making this month one of the best for tourism. April is one of the top times to pay this beautiful Canary Island a visit. Below we provide all the information you will need to know about what to expect in Lanzarote in April. You can move quickly to the area of interest by using our quick links.

The sub-tropical climate and incredible beaches here attract millions of tourists per year. April is no exception with the promise of average temperatures of around 20 Celsius to enjoy. Most of northern Europe will be at least 10 Celsius colder with many places freezing. Lanzarote is also the warmest of the Canaries in April as the temperatures increase across these beautiful islands.

Lanzarote Weather April

Lanzarote Weather In April

The daytime outdoor high temperature in Lanzarote during April is a warm 24 Celsius. The low temperature of 17 Celsius will likely be as cold as it gets in the evenings. April has seen a record temperature of 35 Celsius so expect plenty of hotter days than the average suggests. The Sahara to the east can often increase the temperature by sending hot air west. This same hot air will likely yield a dense haze at times which will reduce visibility.

The weather in Lanzarote in April will be at it’s hottest closer to May as the month reaches it’s conclusion. The beginning and mid April will see an average temperature of 19 – 20 Celsius. Towards the end of the month, the temperature will rise to 21 – 22 Celsius with plenty of hotter days also.

Head To Play Blanca For The Warmest Weather

If you are looking for the warmest weather during April you should check out Playa Blanca. This is one of the top resorts on the island which lies in the south. Usually the southern areas see the hottest temperatures around now. The typical average temperature is 19°C during April with a high of 23°C. This part of the island also boasts many magnificient beaches to work on that tan.

Ocean Temperature

Playa de Papagayo, Lanzarote

The climate conditions in April yield an increase in sea temperature which rises to 19 – 20 Celsius. This should be comfortable for most to enjoy a swim, especially nearer to May when the sea is warmer. Spring, which is coming to an end sees the sea temperature at it’s lowest yearly levels. The sea should peak at 20 Celsius during the middle and at the end of the month. The super beaches here will now begin to become busier and the sea should be warm enough for a swim.

Rainfall in April

The rainfall in Lanzarote during April will be at a premium as is the case for most of the Canary Islands. There is usually only 1 -2 days rain for this month. This is around half that of March which is always wetter. As summer approaches, rain will become even more scarce. If you happen to get rain while you visit it will likely only be a short shower. This can often be welcomed if the humidity is high due to the Sahara Desert hot air.

Resort Temperatures For Lanzarote in April

Costa TeguisePlaya BlancaPuerto del Carmen
Average Temperature19°C19°C19°C
Sea Temp19°C19°C18°C

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Lanzarote April Climate Stats

  • April enjoys a warm average temperature of 19 Celsius which increases closer to May.
  • This month will see 9 hours of sunshine before rising to 10 hours at the end of the month.
  • Rainfall in April is quite infrequent with an average of 1 -2 days of rain arriving.
  • This island has a warm daily high of 24 Celsius.
  • The daily low does not tend to drop much below 17 Celsius.
  • Warm air from the Sahara to the east can produce a rise in temperature on a regular basis.
  • Driving can be harder and visibility can be much lower with the hazy conditions.
  • 35 Celsius is the highest temperature on record in Lanzarote during April.

Other Months

Hours of Sun

The hours of sun for this month now increases to 9 hours. The previous months see 8 hours on average with the next 4 months rising to 10 hours. If you visit around the end of April, you could see up to 10 hours of daily sun. This should be plenty to top up the tan on one of the many vast beaches.