Lanzarote Weather In December 2023, Is It Busy Now?

The weather in Lanzarote in December continues to cool as we reach the end of the year. This month and Christmas time are usually busy both here and across the Canaries. Many flock to these islands for a winter vacation and soak up the warm temperatures on offer.

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Lanzarote Weather In December, What Temperatures To Expect?

The weather in this part of the Atlantic has been cooling since October to coincide with the end of summer. The great thing about Lanzarote now is it tends to be warmer than the islands to the west. This is also the case for Fuerteventura which also lies nearer to the western coast of Africa. There are usually warmers temperature here than both Tenerife or Gran Canaria now.

The Lanzarote weather in December 2019 was warmest at the beginning and end of the month. Usually the best temperatures would arrive for the first two weeks. It’s often a little colder around Christmas in general. If you are planning a visit now you can expect a warm average temperature of 19 Celsius. In fact, this is one of the warmest places in Europe during winter. This daily average is down 2 Celsius from November. The high for December is 22 Celsius with a low of 16 Celsius.

Playa de Papagayo, Lanzarote
Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote

Sea Temperature in December & Christmas?

The typical ocean temperature for December during Lanzarote is 20 Celsius. This is always a shade warmer during the first week of the month. Around Christmas the temperature will fall to 19 Celsius. This is the same as January here which is still not too cold to enjoy a swim. February and March see the ocean reach it’s year low of 18 Celsius. You can check here for historical sea temperatures for previous years.

Resort Temperatures In Lanzarote

The table below gives an indication of the temperatures you can expect for the top resorts here. The north of the island tends to be a shade cooler than the south and east coasts now.

Costa TeguisePlaya BlancaPuerto del Carmen
December Temperature18°C19°C18°C
Sea Temp20°C20°C20°C

Busiest Parts
In the north of the island one of the busiest places is Costa Teguise. If you are looking to be close to the airport then Puerto del Carmen is ideal. More great places to check out include Jandia and Playa Blanca in the south west of Lanzarote. These locations are usually a touch warmer than the northern resorts.

Other Canaries in December

December Weather Highlights

How Hot Does It Get In Lanzarote In December?
This beautiful island sees the warmest daytime temperature in the Canaries during December. You can expect this to be around 19 Celsius most days with a high of 22 Celsius with a low of 16 Celsius.

Is the Sea Warm Enough For A Swim?
Yes, although this month sees a small drop in the ocean temperature 20 Celsius will be warm enough. Earlier in the month enjoys 21 Celsius which cools a touch during the second week of December.

How Much Does It Rain In December?
December is the wettest month here with 4-5 rainy days during the month. There is usually around double the precipitation of previous month November on average.

Other Months

How Many Hours of Sun Now?
The daily hours of sunshine for December is 6 hours on average. This is the year low for Lanzarote. The beginning of the year will see the hours of sun increasing again.