Gran Canaria Weather December 2023, Winter Sunshine

The weather in Gran Canaria in December continues to see drops in the temperatures. This includes the outdoor temperature and that of the sea. December is also the wettest month of the year but conditions are still warm in general.

Winter tends to be quite a busy period across the Canaries, especially Christmas. This is also the case for the autumn months of both October and November when the kids return to school. Please use our quick links to find out exactly what to expect during December here.

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Gran Canaria Weather December

What Is The Weather Like In Gran Canaria During December?

The Gran Canaria Weather in December sees an average daily temperature of 19 Celsius. This is quite hot for the Canaries but the islands to the east are warmer still. The temperatures of both Lanzarote and Fuerteventura during this month are usually better. There is little to choose though so you will get warm weather regardless of the island you visit.

December in Gran Canaria enjoys a high of 22 Celsius throughout this month. The low falls to 16 Celsius with the evenings a touch cooler. Snow here is very rare and so are temperatures of under 10 Celsius. This is especially true of the coastal areas but there may be snow in winter in the mountains. Gran Canaria is like a small continent so conditions will vary depending on the terrain.

Rainfall in December

Roque-Nublo, gran-canaria

December sees more rain that any other month in Gran Canaria. This will likely be 20-30% more than previous month November which also saw an increase. The summer months here are barren with rainfall increasing each month from September.

The start of the year during January and February is also quite wet. Usually these months see less precipitation and rainy days than December. It will likely rain for 5-6 days during this month and the start of winter.

Resort Temperatures in December

Las PalmasPlaya del InglesPuerto Rico
December Temperature19°C19°C19°C
Sea Temp21°C21°C21°C

Other Places In December

December Temperatures

  • The outside average temperature during December sees a decrease to 19 Celsius. This month still enjoys a high of 22 Celsius and a low of 16 Celsius.
  • December also produces a small drop in the Atlantic temperature which falls to 21 Celsius.
  • This is the wettest month of the year with 5-6 rainy days. The amount of precipitation also increases from November and previous months.

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December Ocean Temperature

December in Gran Canaria also sees the Atlantic temperature fall to 21 Celsius. It usually remains this warm until the last week of the month when it drops to 20 Celsius. The start of the year is always when the ocean temperature is at it’s year low of 19 Celsius. You can check here for current sea temperatures and other months.

Hours of Sunshine
The hours of sunshine during December and January here reach their year low of 6 hours. February sees them increase to 7 hours per day.