Gran Canaria Weather February 2024 & Resort Temps

The weather in Gran Canaria in February is almost identical to January in many respects. The temperatures are pretty much the same but do improve more around March and closer to spring. February is the last of the colder months and an ideal time enjoy a winter holiday on this island.

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The average temperature in Gran Canaria now remains a warm 18 Celsius. This is the case across the Canary Islands in February with the exception of Tenerife which is slightly cooler. The spring months are usually when the temperatures increase further. Tourism will be building now but this is an ideal time if you like the warm weather but smaller crowds.

Weather in Gran Canaria in February

Gran Canaria Weather in February

The weather in Gran Canaria in February is always at it’s warmest at the end of the month. The start of the month feels more like January but tends to warm up as spring approaches. The best conditions are in the south of the island behind the mountains. The vast Roque Nublo and Tejeda peaks shield the southern resorts from the cold northern winds.

The high temperature on offer during February is now 21 Celsius. Towards the end of the month this will increase again. The low at the start and middle of the month is 15 Celsius. This could be a shade cooler in the evenings so make sure you pack a jacket.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature remains at 19 Celsius which is also the case for the next 2 months. Gran Canaria does not see an increase in sea temperature until May. This is also the case for Tenerife during this month, it’s sister island. Most will find the temperature warm enough for a swim on sunny days. The popular resorts of Playa del Inglés and Masapalomas in the south will see beach activity now.

Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria


February is another month that sees quite a bit of rainfall. The winter months are when most of the rain arrives with December being the wettest. January and February see about the same amount of rain and rainy days. It’s normal to expect 3-4 days of rainfall during this month.

February in Maspalomas

February of almost identical to January with regards to the weather conditions. The average temperature throughout the month is also 17 Celsius. It does tend to be warmer towards the end of the month with spring around the corner. The daily high is 21 Celsius with a low of 15 Celsius and the sea will remain at 19 Celsius. There will usually be less rainfall in February with some 6 rainy days. The hours of sun will increase to 7 towards the end of the month.

Other Islands in February

Gran Canaria in February Stats

February has the same daily average temperature as January of 18 C. This usually improves closer to March and spring.

The average daily high temperature also remains at 21 Celsius.

The low and evening temperature during February is 15 Celsius.

February sees 7 sunshine hours each day which increases as March approaches.

The sea temperature remains at 19 Celsius as it will until May.

The highest temperature on record for February is 30.9 C, the record low here is 7.5 Celsius.

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Hours of Sunshine

The only thing that increases in February is the hours of sunshine each day. The hours of sun creep up to 7 from the 6 hours of December and January. March also sees the same amount of hours before another increase in April and then May. July and August see the hours of sun peak at 10 hours before dropping in September.